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Community Solutions: A Conference in Yellow Springs, OH

Community Solutions: A Conference in Yellow Springs, OH

October 20, 2017 — October 21, 2017

what’s happening?

The Community Solutions conference explores the creation of vibrant, local economies with a radically different paradigm: focusing on meeting real human and ecological needs through our ties to the community and nature.

CELDF’s Tish O’Dell leads the breakout session, “How Do We Create a Sustainable Community When We Can’t Stop the Unsustainable?

Sustainability is illegal under our current structure of law and governance. This means that the healthy, just, and vibrant environmental and economic systems so many of us envision are infeasible.

How is sustainability illegal? What does that actually mean? And – most importantly – what are we going to do about it?

It’s not enough to talk about what we want long for in the places where we live. We must act. In this workshop, O’Dell explores the legal barriers that keep us from realizing what we envision for ourselves and future generations – and what nearly 200 communities are doing about it! Municipalities across the country are a part of the growing Community Rights Movement, changing the legal and governing structures we live under to elevate people, communities, and nature, over inequity, destruction, and profits.


Friday, October 20th Saturday, October 21st


Antioch Midwest 900 Dayton St Yellow Spring, OH 45387

join us!

For more information, contact: or 937-767-2161. To register, refer to our conference page.


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