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Forum: Community Rights and Fracking in Broadview Heights


And Broadview Hts


It’s time for an update.   The Brecksville / Broadview Hts Dems Club is sponsoring a public forum led by Tish O’Dell.  Tish will review

*where we are on BOTH of these issues,

*how we got where we are,

*what we can do NOW!

Jenni McMaster will also share with us the work she did on the Gates Mills Bill of Rights.

The public forum is being held TUESDAY April 28th from 7-8:30 at the North Royalton Public Library, 5071 Wallings Rd, North Royalton Ohio 44133.

Join us for this very timely update.  FRACKING effects our health and property values.   When the Bill of Rights passed by voters in Broadview Hts. is ignored, our CITIZEN RIGHTS are all in jeopardy!

Questions call Sharon 216-798-3990 or email


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