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Death By Democracy
Protecting Water and Life: Frontline Stories from Ohioans Fighting Corporate and State Power

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About the Book

Death By Democracy - Protecting Water and Life: Frontline Stories from Ohioans Fighting Corporate and State Power is a collection of stories told by grassroots activists across the state. Each story details the efforts of community-led ballot initiatives that challenge the corporate power structures entrenched in our allegedly democratic system. These epic tales highlight courageous communities that step up to say 'no' to legalized harms, such as fracking, industrialized agriculture, pipelines, and water privatization. They discover the limits of local democracy and challenge the very doctrines our legal and political structures were built upon. Get inspired as you get to know the Ohio Community Rights Network. 

Book Reviews

    "The book is one way to continue grinding away at the notion of human exceptionalism at the expense of the connectedness of the web; a planetary web of all parts, human and non-human. What happens to one part affects the whole.  Fortunately, scientific discoveries are leading us to a broader lens for understanding the Indigenous saying "All my relatives."  And the authors of these stories, those who advocate on behalf of the Rights of Nature, need the courage and fortitude to continue efforts to change minds.  "Death by Democracy" is a tool for this change that deserves as wide an audience as possible.

     I am just stunned by the difficulties that these individuals have encountered with law-enforcement the judicial system the legislatures both local and state and the corporations and others. The title of the book is absolutely correct! My eyes are opened.

     Congratulations OHCRN and CELDF and all associated with this publication."

~ P. Jurus, Pennsylvania

     "Death by Democracy is a brilliant book written by activists in Ohio. We are losing our ability to govern ourselves, and this is a book about that experience. The August 8th election is another action by our government to limit the power of the people. I am grateful for the work that the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund is doing to help people and the environment. We need leadership that represents and defends the rights of people who depend upon the health of their environment not corporations that live for, by and of money."
~ Katie Corrin O'Neill

“This is an inspiration for all of us to do something to make our communities better.“
Pat Walker
Ohio Co-founder, Stop Government Waste

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GrassRoot Ohio Radio - Death by Democracy - Episode 1 w/ Bill Lyons & Susie Beiersdorfer
Friday March 4, 2022

Episode 2 w/ Tish O'Dell Friday March 18, 2022

Episode 3 w/ Sherry Fleming and Susan Catterall Friday May 13, 2022

Additional Resources

Below is a list of companion resources to this publication. Please explore the links and documents as you follow the journey of each community. 




Medina County 

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Williams County 



Civil Rights Lawsuit and HB 463


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