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Columbus Free Press Reviews OHCRN's "Death by Democracy" book

On March 18, 2022, Suzanne Patzer of the Columbus Free Press published her reveiw of the book "Death by Democracy: Protecting Water and Life: Frontline Stories from Ohioans Fighting Corporate and State Power". The review begins with: "Death by Democracy documents the death of a society governed of, by and for the people.

A local Ohio activist penned each chapter of Death by Democracy, recording how they “fought City Hall” to put a citizen’s initiative, ordinance or charter amendment on their municipality’s ballot. Each narrator tells a sincere and courageous story of a group endeavor to prevent or stop pollution from affecting their community.

The title of this book may seem overblown, sounding somewhat like “click-bait,” but there’s actually a valid reason “death” could result from the desecration of democracy experienced by these groups over the past decade in Ohio.

The book exposes how all Ohioans are at risk from devastating environmental safety and health issues and how regular people are stymied from trying to make the state a cleaner place to live." To read the entire review go HERE.


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