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Showing: We the People 2.0

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 7 PM – 9 PM, Drexel Theatres 2254 East Main Street, Columbus, Ohio 43209

We the People 2.0 is a film about the loss of democracy in the US and how people are saving nature and themselves by regaining their rights to local lawmaking. Q+A following the film will discuss the Columbus Community Bill of Rights and the struggle to regain our right to Home Rule. Discussion led by Tish O’Dell, the Ohio Community Organizer for the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) and our own local leaders of the Columbus Community Bill of Rights initiative. Moderated by Chuck Lynd of Simply Living. Co-sponsored by Simply Living, Columbus Free Press, and Columbus Community Bill of Rights.

About Columbus Community Bill of Rights

Columbus Community Bill of Rights – Citizens work to create the “Columbus Community Bill of Rights” to ensure Pure Water, Clean Air, Safe Soil & Local Control over Fracking and Frack Waste.


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